House rules visitors


Because Haagse Wereld Hapjes is a festival for everyone, we would like everyone to enjoy this festival. Therefor we have a few rules  for everybody to know.


When entering the festival, visitors may be examined by security officers. Even during your stay at the festival, security officers may have reason for examination, visitors are obliged to cooperate with them.

People younger than 18 years old are welcome at our festival when accompanied  by an adult.

There is no entrance fee to be paid, but at the first consumption at one of the bars we ask € 3.00 for the one-off purchase of environmentally friendly Haagse Wereld Hapjes plastic (beer, wine or fresh) glassware. There is no deposit on this plastic glassware. Behind the bar you get a clean-washed copy when you get a drink again. Of course against surrendering your empty glass.

There is no minimum age to enter the festival. During the festival the visitor on any request of the organization, in accordance with the statutory identification requirement, must be able to identify themselves with one of the following credentials; Dutch passport, identity card, driver’s license, or OV-card.

Animals, food and beverage, professional recording equipment and goods that violate Dutch law, brought by visitors are not allowed at the festival.

Objects/products which are dangerous (in the eyes of the organization or security), are not allowed at the festival. This includes products with risk of explosion in solid, liquid or gaseous form, Fireworks or pyrotechnic articles, bottles etc.


Entering the festival is entirely at risk of the visitor.

The organization can in no way be held liable for any damage to visitors and/or goods by visitors whether or not caused by third parties.

The organization bears no responsibility and can in no way be held liable for the provided services and products of the participating entrepreneurs, or resulting damage.

The organization can in no way be held liable for any changes in programming due to force majeure.

When the festival by force majeure is cancelled, for example by strikes, or weather conditions in which entering the festival is unsafe for visitors, or anything outside the control of the Organization, the organization can in no way be held responsible. There is no refund of the costs made by the visitor.


The kids Pavilion is not a shelter. The stay of the child on the kids Pavilion and participation in the activities remains at all times the responsibility of the visitor with whom the child has accessed the festival. The organization can in no way be held liable for any damage caused to the child and/or property of the child whether or not caused by third parties.


Related to hygiene rules, pets are not allowed on the festival.


The legal alcohol policy is leading during the festival. There will no alcohol provide to visitors under the age of 18. When in doubt, an ID will be asked.


There can only be paid with a pin card.


Visitors are required to comply with regulations and/or instructions of the Organization and security as well as to other authorities having jurisdiction. The Security and governance each reserve the right to deny access to the event site when, in the opinion of the Organization, or security, a possible threat to the security of the event and its visitors or when the current House rules are not observed.

During the festival, photos can be made for the benefit of reports, recordings, website, promotional purposes, etc. by accessing the festival visitors give permission to the organization to use these recordings for these purposes.

It is not permitted on or in the vicinity of the festival to distribute flyers, promotional activities or to trade goods without consultation with the organization.

The Organization reserves the right to change the festival policy at any time.



Place bicycles on the indicated places and think about the local residents living nearby when leaving the festival.

Heeft u een vraag over het festival of wilt u met uw restaurant deelnemen? Contacteer ons.